G & G Enterprises
Staff Listing
We at G & G Enterprises,  realize that a business can in no way become successful without
the employment of a great staff. The following is a list of individuals who have applied for
employment with us. They realize that even though G & G is just getting off their feet, this is
the place they want to be. Because although we can not guarantee much right now, what we
can guarantee is manageable working hours, fun working environment, killer staff parties and
various other out of this world perks.                    - G & G Enterprises, Management
Managing Partners:

Andrew Peter Grossnickle                          Acquired Position: January 2001
Daniel Edward Grove                                 Acquired Position: January 2001
Capital Contibutor / Board of Directors:

John Douglas Grove                                 Acquired Position: March 2003
Larry Grossnickle                                     Acquired Position: March 2003

Jodie Pauline Grove                                  Acquired Position: January 2001
Patricia Kinsey Grove                               Acquired Position: March 2003
Finance Department:

Muriel Bonnie Grossnickle                            Acquired Position: March 1, 2003
Natasha Brooke Vincent                               Acquired Position: January 3, 2005
Training Department:       **(Training Pictures)**

Brian Allen Ratliff                                        Acquired Position: January 1, 2005
David Holbrook Downs                                Acquired Position: January 1, 2005
Wendy Carol Fike                                        Acquired Position: February 17, 2007
Matthew Stevens                                         Acquired Position: July 9, 2007
Sarah Downs                                              Acquired Position: August 28, 2007
Unassigned Staff Applicants:

Jonathan Foster Lowder                               Acquired Position: January 18, 2005
Brooke Renee Baker                                     Acquired Position: February 23, 2005
Derrick Wheeler                                          Acquired Postion: February 18, 2007
Partner Personal Chauffer:

Matt McLearen                                           Acquired Position: January 17, 2005
Andrew Kuykendall                                     Acquired Position: March 13, 2005
Hair and Makeup:

Amanda Shifflett                                        Acquired Position: January 21, 2005
Outreach and Expansion / Communication::

Jason A. Cherish                                        Acquired Position: January 23, 2005
David Glenn. Gordon                                  Acquired Position: February 17, 2007
Buyer of Corporate Benefits: (Apparel/Vehicles):

Joshua Aaron Grove                                   Acquired Position: January 17, 2006