G&G Enterprises Quiz

This Quiz is designed to test your knowledge with regard to all things G&G. Success in this quiz is required for all G&G Employees and entourage.
  1. What are the middle names of the founding partners of G&G?

  2. Ferdinand & Magellan
    Peter & Edward
    Mason & Dixon
    David & Douglas

  3. Where did the partners meet?

  4. Bridgewater College
    Middletown High School
    Frederick Church of the Brethren
    Middletown Middle School

  5. When was G&G founded?

  6. 2001
    what the heck is G&G?

  7. Name all the sports the partners played collectively in highschool.

  8. Track, Football, Wrestling
    Basketball, Football, Baseball
    Field Hockey, Badminton, Cricket, Curling
    Football, Tennis, Swimming, Basketball

  9. What was both the partners major in college?

  10. Management with concentration in Finance
    Business Administration with concentration in Accounting
    Basket weaving
    Golf Course Management

  11. What were the partners' first cars?

  12. Nissan Pulsar / Ford Thunderbird
    Ford Taurus / Ford Probe
    Lincoln Navigator / Cadillac Escalade
    El Camino / Dodge Dart

  13. What are the middle names of the partners wife/fiance' ?

  14. Elizabeth / Marie
    Pauline / Elizabeth
    Maude / Clara
    Susan / Natalie

  15. What city has been chosen for the eventual "Utopian Community?"

  16. Charlottesville, VA
    Middletown, MD
    Waco, TX
    Myersville, MD

  17. Name the four founding fathers of the Samuel H. Epstein Fan Club.

  18. Dan Grove, Andrew Grossnickle, Bernie Schultz, Rodney Fike
    Dan Grove, Andrew Grossnickle, Brian Ratliff, David Downs
    Dan Grove, Andrew Grossnickle, Wes Rowh, Steve Moss
    Dan Grove, Andrew Grossnickle, Aaron Grove, Josh Grove

  19. Name the partners golf course of choice.

  20. Musket Ridge
    Frederick Golf Course
    Maple Run
    Marland National

Ready to see how much you know?