Random Acts of Mediocrity
A Concept Perfected By Andrew Peter Grossnickle and David Holbrook Downs
Washington Redskins Season Record

Year          Gross's Prediction            Grove's Prediction            Actual

2005                    16-0                                     14-2                        10-6

2004                    15-1                                     16-0                        6-10

2003                    16-0                                     14-2                        5-11

2002                     15-1                                     16-0                        7-9

2001                     16-0                                     16-0                        8-8

2000                     16-0                                     16-0                        8-8

1999                     16-0                                      16-0                     10-6                
If we were Joe Gibbs...
Daniel Grove would...

1. Do all I could to trade Mark
Brunnell and take anything we can
get. Ramsey is the man and
Hasselback is a suitable backup.

2. Trade Chad Morton who is
injury prone and who has not
performed well for us. Antonio
Brown emerged late in 2004 and
seems to have a spark as a returner.

3. Trade Rod Gardner. I like
Gardner but he really doesn't put
up great numbers. I believe
Darnerian McCants deserves more
time and I believe it is time to give
up on Taylor Jacobs. We need to
go into 2005 with Coles, McCants,
and Thrash and  acquire or draft a
suitable addition to the receiver

4. I would also trade Mike Barrow
he makes too much and Antonio
Pierce has proved himself as a
suitable replacement. Other than
that I would not touch the defense.

5. I would say improve the
offensive line, but this is the one
thing I believe the Redskins do try
to do. It just never works. Samuels
and Jansen are great bookends and
we do have Randy Thomas and
others who have proven they can
be good, but they struggle together
Andrew Grossnickle would...

To Be Announced
But Joe Gibbs actually...

Has given Gardner permission to seek
G&G Solemn Vows
1. When the Redskins go to the Super Bowl Next, Dan and Andrew will be there, no matter the
2. Dan and Andrew will watch every single Redskins playoff game together from this point on.
3. If the Orioles have a worse record than the Nationals, they will become Nationals fans and give
up on being fans for the Orioles, this will never happen for the Redskins.