November 2014

Just wanted to share this with you...

I'm on the leadership team at school and this morning we had a meeting. Mr. XXXX begun the meeting by asking us
if we had any celebrations or funny stories to share. No one raised their hand... No one had celebrations or stories
to share. Then one of the art teachers spoke up. She does not teach Jack, but shared with us all how Jack always
makes her smile and how she looks forward to seeing him each day. She said no matter how rotten her day has
been, Jack always puts a smile on her face. Then 2 other first grade teachers chimed in and said how they love
seeing Jack each day too. How he is friendly and his giggles are contagious.

Jack is complete sunshine! XO

Ms. Doyle
Tuscarora Elementary

January 2016
                                                  February 2016

Cute Jack moment from this morning:
We made signs to wear that wished Mr. XXXX good luck and congratulations with his new job.  After we went in the
hall to do a "clap out" for him, Jack began to grab at another student's sign.  I thought that he was trying to take it
from her, so I attempted to intervene.  He is so fast that I could not, but I am happy that I couldn't...  He grabbed
her sign; looked at it closely; and then said "That's beautiful, Jahda!"  He teaches me a lot every day!!

Ms. Divilio
1st Grade Teacher
Tuscarora Elementary School