* Began in 2004

* Dedicated to the late great writer Samuel
Heap Epstein

* Entry Fee $50.00 Annually

* Number of Participants: 10-14 Per Year
/ Each Owner is invited back to return
each year

* Winner Recieves Total of Entry Fees
Minus $50.00 which goes to runner up /
Minus $150.00 for the regular season
winner / Minus $150.00 for regular season
points leader / Minus any other agreed
upon fees. (approx. $250.00)

* Winner additionally receives the EFFL
Memorial Trophy with his name engraved
on it and holds it in his possession until the
next year's winner is crowned. Then he
must get the new champion's name
engraved on it and send it to him.

* Each year the draft order is chosen at
random out of a hat rescued and restored
from Samuel Epstein's seaside Nova
Scotian Cottage.