Epstein Fantasy Football League
Final Standings

Owner                              Team                                

Jonathan Lowder              High Rollers                      10-6
Josh Lowder                     Scrobacks                          11-5
Mark Arrington                Waspers                            10-5
Andrew Grossnickle          More Cow Bell                 12-3
Chris Reedy                      Eagle Haters                      9-6
Aaron Poffinberger           Grizzly Adam's G-Unit       6-8
Dan Grove                        Globo Gym Cobras             6-8
David Downs                     Half Nuts                            6-8
Brian Ratliff                      Slap Nutz                            6-7
Mike Patti                        Ricky's Sabbitical                5-8
Aaron Grove                     Blue Balls                          2-11
Matt Huffman                   H-Bombers                        2-11
Jonathan Lowder and his High Rollers, rolled over the competition on their way to becoming 2004 Champs !