A bet was set a few years ago between Andrew Peter Grossnickle and David Holbrook Downs stating that whoever got married first would forfeit the naming rights of their own first born child. Obviously the record will show the Andrew lost by taking his lovely wife Anna’s hand in marriage, thus giving David clear naming rights. Anna may protest but this pact was pretty much sealed in blood in the presence of Daniel Edward Grove and Brian Allen Ratliff.





Possible Grossnickle First Born Names


Ebenezer Ekuban Grossnickle

Benedict Arnold Grossnickle

Millard Fillmore Grossnickle

Maynard Alliwishous Grossnickle

Ferdinand Magellan Grossnickle

Constantine Chernoble Grossnickle

Thigh Master Grossnickle

Ugly Penny Grossnickle

Valuable Buffalo Grossnickle

Brad Paisley Grossnickle

Barack Obama Grossnickle

Dan Miller Pleasant IV

Al Grohssnickle

T. O. Grossnickle

Mister Huff Grossnickle

Ludacris Bow wow Grossnickle

Peter Harmony Grossnickle

Kriss Kross Grossnickle

Kenny N Dolly Grossnickle

Sexual Chocolate Grossnickle

TI-83 Graphing Calculator Grossnickle

Dirty Sanchez Grossnickle

El Nino Grossnickle

Heath Schuler Grossnickle

Danny Weurffel Grossnickle


Girls names (hypothetical, why would he have a girl?): Cher, Genine Grossnickle, Muriel Bonnie Grossnickle Jr., Lesbee N. Grossnickle, Michelle Obama Grossnickle, Bruce Grossnickle